Our love story with seashells and handmade jewelry…

Ever since 1996 Panos Kioukas creates in Mykonos island unique jewelry and accessories as well as decorative items. His handmade creations turn into objects that harmony lovers have yearning for. Over the years, he expands his interest in a variety of natural elements, like pebbles, seashells and semi-precious stones. To him architecture, harmony and beauty are unwavering sources of inspiration, whilst the materials he loves to work with are precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones he gathers from his trips all over the world, rare leather, wood and unusual materials in general.

Respect for Nature through artistic jewelry

Since 2015, Panos Kioukas uses his skillful hands and imagination for creating different jewelry items focused on seashells. Also a passionate seashell collector, he studies seashells and he searches all information about their diversities. He dedicates his time in creating unique seashell jewelry designs, handling seashells in a delicate way so he can bring out of them their unique beauty. However, as he claims, the essence of his work lies not in the material but in the aesthetic value.

All I wish is handmade seashell jewelry

When the artistic temper is combined with the skillful hands of Panos Kioukas and his scientific awareness, respect for sea and Nature, then creation is inevitable. At myshellmykonos.com we present to you our seashell jewelry collections, including, bracelets, rings, pendants and pebbles, that are enriched daily, with each jewel being an inseparable and unique part of the artist’s soul. For us each seashell is precious and through our e-shop myshellmykonos.com we would like to take you on a journey of knowing and obtaining Natures’ sea treasures.

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