About us

My Shell jewelry series emerges our passion for seashells. Their boundless diversity and unifying constraint of anatomical design are the two great themes that inspire our jewelry and art work. Our 30 years’ experience in creating handmade silver and gold jewelry in our workshop on Mykonos Island, provide us all the technical knowledge we need to handle seashells in a delicate almost reverent way. Heart and mind of My Shell jewelry is Panos Kioukas, a greek-born artist and naturalist who lives and works in Mykonos since 1990.
Every day he uses his imagination and self-luminous talent for creating different jewelry designs focused on seashells, natural materials and organic forms combined with silver, precious and semiprecious stones.

He turns seashells, pebbles, wood and other natural materials into beautiful pieces of art with no two are ever the same. Also a passionate seashell collector, he dedicates all his spare time to the study and observation of marine life, as well as the naval exploration of Greek islands and seashores of Aegean archipelago. His work represents a modern look of Cycladic jewelry art.